Hungry? No problem with Domino’s pizza on your smartwatch

JC Torres - Mar 3, 2015, 8:10 am CST
Hungry? No problem with Domino’s pizza on your smartwatch

The idea behind smartwatches is that they become your bridge to your smartphone for instances when you can’t dig out your mobile device from your bag or pocket. That is why they have mostly been relegated to simple, one off tasks like notifications, quick replies, reminders, or accepting/rejecting voice calls. They’re not usually meant to replace your smartphone, but that might just be what Domino’s is aiming for by letting you order a pizza right from the convenience of your Pebble or Android Wear smartwatch.

Of course, you will still need to download the appropriate Domino’s app for your smartphone, so it isn’t exactly a standalone thing. But when was the last time you needed to order a pizza online but also couldn’t use your smartphone to do so? Plus, you will most likely want to see the menu in all its glory, which would be quite a strain on a smartwatche’s minuscule screen, much less the original Pebble’s colorless e-ink display. That said, you will be limited to ordering the pizza you’ve already saved in a Pizaa Profile, perhaps your favorite flavor, so trying out something new does involve using your larger screen device.

The smartwatch does have one reasonable convenience feature. You can track the delivery progress of your order every step of the way, and this part does excuse you from having to fish out your phone. Perhaps you’re in a meeting waiting for your surprise pizza to impress your boss and co-workers, or the house party is too cramped (or too wild) to carefully hold your smartphone.

Domino’s smartwatch app does highlight the conveniences wearable devices have to offer, as well as the extreme ways they can be used, or abused. It is, thankfully, not as extreme or as absurd as playing PSOne games on your Android Wear smartwatch.

SOURCE: Domino’s

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