Playstation 1 games arrive on Android Wear

In the event you have the tiniest thumbs ever or you're especially keen to play PlayStation 1 games on your wrist, one industrious individual has shown it's possible to run PS1 games on Android Wear. He does so using an LG G Watch on which he plays Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. The game runs without a hitch, save for the troubles that come with touchscreen controls on a tiny wearable display, showing an impressive quality using the ePSXe PlayStation emulator.

The task was accomplished by EpicLPer, the same user behind getting Windows 95 to run on his smartwatch. If you're still feeling doubtful, check out the video below to see the game run in all its glory. Impressive, if not a bit impractical.

Says EpicLPer, "I tried so many things to get this working yet the solution was actually simpler than I thought." He says he couldn't get his gamepad to connect "because it's a cheap china copy," though he points out that a Moga gamepad has been shown to work with Android Wear. As you can see from his troubles in using the on-screen controls, a gamepad would make a big difference.

The true downside is that he doesn't go into details about how, exactly, he accomplished this, so if you're wanting to give it a try yourself you'll have to do you own emulator tweaking. According to EpicLPer, playing the game drains about half the wearable's battery in 30 mins, and it hit 30 to 40fps.

SOURCE: Pocket Gamer