Humans replacing scanners at movie theaters this Autumn

A new set of ever-changing security measures embedded in movie tickets on your smartphone may soon do away with the need for scanning. While – just like you would at Starbucks – movie tickets on your smartphone required codes to be scanned by the ticket handler at your local theater until now, they've thought of something new. Instead, it'll take a trained movie theater redemption employee trained in the art of looking at tickets and knowing the newest combination of animations, colors, and codes.

Bet you didn't expect to see a reversal of technology advances this early in the morning, did you? Here we're talking about getting rid of sometimes-expensive code scanners needed for handling digital tickets, using instead a combination of visual cues.

With this system, the user purchases a ticket with, and a virtual ticket is delivered to your smartphone. That ticket is brought to the ticket taker at the theater, and the ticket taker will validate.

Each ticket system can be uniquely modified by the theater itself, making this system especially secure. Several features can be embedded in each ticket:

• Touch Animations

• Animated Watermarks

• Color Changes

This system was developed in partnership with Bytemark, working with Bytemark's patented V3 (visually verifiable virtual ticket) technology to bring into the future. This system will be put in use in the near future for the website for movie theaters – but it's already in use in several systems outside the theater today.

Bytemark's V3 system is used in The South Shore line in Chicago, The NY Waterway in New York City, and the Cap Metro in Austin Texas. It'll be coming to theaters around the United States by the end of the year.