Hulu's board reportedly looking into selling the service

The news isn't surprising to anyone who has been following the Hulu business saga, but word has it that Disney and News Corp. are reaching out to potential buyers to see what kind of interest there is out there for acquiring the company. The information comes from two sources who are said to be familiar with the matter, and follows soon after it was announced that Andy Forssell will be serving as acting CEO.

According to the sources, the company's board still has not made a decision about whether the popular video streaming service will be sold, or if other steps will be taken instead. As we reported on March 1, Disney and News Corp., which own the majority of the company, can't agree on how the service should be monetized. That information came from sources who likewise claimed the two were considering selling Hulu.

Reportedly, News Corp. is leaning towards using subscriptions as the primary way of funding the service, such as the already available Hulu Plus monthly subscription that costs $8 USD. This differs from how Disney thinks it should be run, however, with the latter company maintaining that Hulu should utilize an advertisement-based business mode, relying on ads, which are displayed on videos regardless of whether users have a monthly subscription.

Thus far, it is said that both the majority holders have approached Dick Clark Productions, Hollywood Reporter, and Guggenheim Partners LLC, and all of them are said to have shown interest in the possibility. Beyond that, nothing else is known, and nothing official has been stated. When asked, Hulu declined commenting on the rumor.

[via Bloomberg]