Hulu announces Andy Forssell as acting CEO

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 14, 2013, 10:12pm CDT
Hulu announces Andy Forssell as acting CEO

We’ve known for quite some time now that Hulu‘s CEO Jason Kilar will be leaving the company, a tidbit of information that first showed up in Variety back in August 2012. Since then, more information about the departure has been revealed, but one piece of the puzzle has been missing: who will replace him. That mystery ended today with a letter posted by Kilar on Hulu’s blog.

Mr. Kilar’s blog post originally went out as an email to the Hulu team, and in it he states that Andy Forssell will be taking his place as the acting CEO of Hulu at the end of this month when Kilar steps down. The current CEO then goes on to praise Forssell, who is currently a “critical” senior executive for the company.

Says Kilar: “You know Andy well; he’s been a critical senior executive and has been here from the start of this great adventure. Andy exemplifies the Hulu culture and has been central to Hulu’s journey, helping to grow this company from 2 content partners and no revenue to over 450 content partners and approximately $700 million revenue in 2012.”

He then goes on to state that Forssell has “strong support” from the Hulu board, having built relationships with many of its members. The decision is not final, however, and won’t be until News Corp. and Disney, the primary owners of the company, decide the direction they will take Hulu in, after which point they’ll decide if Forssell remains as the permanent chief executive.

[via Hulu]

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