Hulu Plus Subscription Slash Imminent?

Hulu Plus was meant to put some cash back into the streaming video site's pockets, but it seems the $9.95 monthly subscription fee hasn't met with success.  AllThingsD has heard that Hulu is planning to halve its fees – down to $4.95 per month – before the beta trial is even finished.

It goes some way to explain why Hulu has been so reluctant to allow devices and platforms like Boxee and Google TV to stream its content freely, despite them rendering the stream in a regular browser as you would on a computer.  The end result has been a mixed experience for Hulu-users, who find they are able to hook up their laptop via HDMI to their TV and access the site that way, but not use a dedicated STB and the (usually) slicker UI that allows.  Hulu itself has declined to comment on the price cut rumors.