Hulu Plus for PS4 detailed

Hulu has announced Hulu Plus support for the PlayStation 4, with the new streaming video app expected to be available alongside Sony's console on Friday, November 13th. The company already has a PS3 app, but the PS4 version will boost artwork size and improve navigation, Hulu says, along with introducing dedicated pages for specific types of content like Hulu Kids, Originals, and more.

The new UI works on what Hulu calls "trays" of media. These show individual titles as well as recommendations, popular shows and movies, the top 100 clips, and movie trailers; there's also a "Shows You Watch" tray which gathers together all the content you regularly watch, so that you can find new episodes more readily.

Search has also been boosted, Hulu says, with live results showing up as you type, and new sign-ups will be able to register an account for Hulu Plus directly on the console itself

The new app is the result of a development collaboration between Sony and the Hulu team, and indicative of how important media functionality is to today's consoles. Microsoft is arguably somewhat ahead of the game on the Xbox One's gaming/media split, giving the new console a full TV mode which can be controlled via voice.

Out of the box, the PS4 will require a significant update in order to enable many of its media abilities. The zero-day update will turn on Blu-ray and DVD playback, as well as background media playback support, among other things.