Hulu Mobile going free in limited manner this summer

This week the folks behind Hulu's mobile apps have announced ad-supported full TV episodes. This means that while you'll still have to pay for full Hulu Plus action, the app won't be completely useless if you're not all about pushing the full Hulu Plus experience. This release will be coming to both iPhone and Android first.

Hulu Plus will still act as normal and will be continued to be accessed on what the company suggest this week is a cool 400 million internet-connected devices inside the USA. Mobile users will also soon be seeing "Cross Platform Interactive ads." This means that no matter what device you're on, the advertisement in Hulu will be optimized for your display size.

Also appearing this summer will be a Pizza Hut in-stream purchase unit. This unit will allow users to purchase pizza direct from the Hulu app. This means you'll never have to leave your couch – unless your pizza deliverer doesn't have the key to your front door, of course.

A full-on "next generation" of the Hulu Plus iPhone app will be launching this summer as well. At the moment we're not entirely sure what this means for iOS users – or if an iPad version will be updated soon as well.