Hulu Live TV streaming just fixed its most annoying omission

Eric Abent - Aug 23, 2017
Hulu Live TV streaming just fixed its most annoying omission

Here’s a bit of good news for those of you subscribed to Hulu’s Live TV service: beginning today, you can use your Live TV subscription on PC and Mac. Previously, Hulu Live TV was only available on mobile devices and connected devices like smart TVs and game consoles. It even sounds like Hulu’s decision to make Live TV available on PC and Mac is coming a little earlier than the company planned.

As explained in today’s announcement, Hulu was actually going to hold the roll out of Live TV on PC and Mac a little longer as it worked on improving the web experience. Due to requests from subscribers, however, Hulu has decided to expand support earlier than planned. As a result, Hulu says that users will find a “very early version” of Live TV on PC and Mac.

As such, we can expect the web player to change frequently and perhaps significantly over the coming weeks and months. Just as well, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to expect to encounter a few bugs. Essentially, you’re taking part in a beta here, only it’s one that every Live TV subscriber has access to so Hulu doesn’t have to make you wait for new functionality to launch.

There are a few browser and OS requirements if you intend to watch Hulu Live TV on your computer. You’ll need to be using at least Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 15, Safari 5, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge on Windows 7 or above or OS X 10.6 or above. Assuming you meet those requirements, you only need to log in on Hulu’s website, hover over your account name in the top-right corner of the display, select “Watch Hulu with Live TV Beta,” and turn on your location settings when prompted and you’re ready to go.

This new functionality is available from today, so have at it. We’ll likely be hearing about big updates to this bare-bones version of Hulu’s new web player shortly, so stayed tuned for those.

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