Hulu Live TV gets LG webOS, Samsung Tizen smart TV support

Hulu has expanded device support for its new app, the one containing access to both its on-demand content and its live television channels. The app started arriving several months ago for other platforms and is now available for all of the most commonly used streaming devices. This time around, the company has launched Live TV support for certain LG smart TVs, eliminating the need to use a separate streaming stick or set-top box.

Hulu revealed the new support today, as well as expanded support for Samsung smart TVs and Roku devices. As far as LG goes, Hulu Live TV support is now available on all of the maker's 2017 and 2018 webOS televisions, but only certain 2016 models; you can find those listed here.

If you don't have one of these supported LG smart TVs, you can still access the older app, which provides the on-demand content, just not the Live TV part of the service. Meanwhile, Hulu has also expanded the number of Samsung smart TVs that support Live TV, adding the maker's 2018 Tizen smart television models.

Finally, the app has also been updated to support the Roku Streaming Stick model 3500X, which is the purple one, and the Roku 2 model 4210X. Both will have access to the new user interface and live TV channels once their app updates (which should happen automatically).

Of course, you must subscribe to the Hulu plan that includes Live TV, otherwise you'll see the new interface but not the live channels. At $39.99/month, Hulu's live streaming television service will cost you about the same as YouTube TV, but is cheaper than many competing services. Not all OTT TV subscriptions are the same, though, so check out our comparison before committing.