Hulu Is Quietly Dropping Support For Some Android TV Devices

For reasons that aren't clear at this time, Hulu has been quietly dropping support for some Android TV devices over recent months. The most recent support change impacts the Channel Master Stream+ DVR and the AirTV OTA DVR from Sling TV; the company confirmed that it has dropped support for these devices, but hasn't offered an explanation for the change at this time.

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The first support change impacted AT&T TV's Android TV-powered streaming box back in August. Users noted that Hulu was no longer available on the set-top box following an update the streaming company pushed out at the time. Hulu never provided an explanation about why it pulled support for this product.

The company is following this trend with the removal of support for another two devices: AirTV OTA DVR and Channel Master Stream+. The loss of support was noted by Cord Cutters, which reported that Channel Master Stream+ DVR lost the support earlier today and that Hulu confirmed it will also pull support for the AirTV model.

The company hasn't provided an explanation about why it pulled support for these devices. Speculation abounds — it's possible that the apps may return in the future if the companies get approval for offering the app on their devices. It's also possible that Hulu has no plans to support these devices in the future due to a perceived competition with the services they offer and/or the companies that provide them.

Hulu may pull support from other devices in the future, though there's no confirmation about whether it plans to do that. At this time, owners of those devices will need to get a different streaming product to access Hulu, such as a Chromecast, Apple TV, or one of the other Android TV products on the market.