Huawei Watch Fit looks like a stretched out Apple Watch with 10-day battery

The most interesting smartwatch revealed this year has to be the Huawei Watch Fit. This device comes in several different colors, has a rectangular face, and works with its own unique operating system. This is easily the most sleek looking smartwatch we've yet seen with this sort of... stretched look to it – with 1.64-inches of AMOLED goodness therein.

The Huawei Watch Fit is what Huawei describes as "the first Huawei sports smartwatch to feature a rounded rectangular watch face design." In the face we've got a 1.64-inch AMOLED display – touchscreen, working with its own OS. Because of this, Huawei's able to deliver a "10-day battery in typical scenarios."

This watch works with a dash of Huawei's fast charging tech. With this fast charging feature, Huawei suggests that five minutes of charging can provide "enough charge to sustain the smartwatch for an entire day of typical use."

This watch works with Huawei's own "Quick-workout Animations" system. This system includes 44 standard fitness routines and 12 animations to provide guidance for the wearer of the watch to get "a quick and easy way to work out at a moment's notice."

Huawei Watch Fit includes "96 workout modes" – which seems like an absurd amount of workout modes. How many different modes could any one person need, really? There is literally only one person in the world who could ever need 96 workout modes, and his name is Chris Traeger.

The Huawei Watch Fit works with built-in GPS, and 5ATM water resistance, as well as a heart rate sensor. The watch pairs said sensor with "newly upgraded HUAWEI TruSeen 4.0 heart rate technology." That pairs Huawei's "multi-sensor AI neural network algorithm" with PPG components in the watch for 24-hour heart monitoring.

The release date range for the Huawei Watch Fit was the month of September, 2020. There'll only be on iteration of the watch specifications-wise, but a few different metal colors. The Huawei Watch Fit will have a price of approximately €129 (Euro), and will be released internationally right out the gate. No USA-specific prices or release dates have yet been announced.