Huawei S7 shows up at Computex for some praise

If there's one thing Carrypad's Steve Paine knows, it's tablets, and so when he suggests the Huawei S7 "might just be tablet of the show" at Computex, we sit up and listen.  First spotted back in May, the S7 has a Streak-like form factor but squeezes in a 7-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen, Android 2.1 and all the Google apps, together with voice call functionality.

For Steve, though, it's the design that pushes the S7 up to the top of his Computex chart.  "Yes, it makes calls," he explains, "but the form factor is just perfect for one-handed use. Personally, I think its the best Android tablet I've seen so far."

Huawei are yet to confirm the chipset around which the S7 is based, but given it was spotted at the Qualcomm booth it seems likely that a Snapdragon of some sort – probably the 1GHz, though we can cross our fingers for the newer 1.2GHz version – is inside.  There's also 720p HD playback support, WiFi b/g and Bluetooth.  Still no word on when it might go on sale, if indeed it reaches the US and Europe.