Huawei P8 vs iPhone 6: not the real war

Welcome to the battle Huawei would love for you to be placing under consideration: Huawei P8 vs iPhone 6. Of course that's not a set of phones you'll be considering battling one another, not least of all because the Huawei P8 won't be doing its initial launch in the United States. Instead – if you're really in the market for a new phone, you'll be considering your ecosystem and the one element in a smartphone that you'll probably use more than any other – the camera. ...or the display, of course – the thing you actually use more than anything else.

Wait a second, you might be saying if you watched the press event this morning on the Huawei P8, didn't they make the case for an awesome camera on this new phone? Yes, yes they certainly did. Have a peek at this video to see how good Huawei is getting at hyping up their camera technology.

Does that convince you that the Huawei P8 is going to be better at helping you capture the world around you than the iPhone 6?

Have a peek at the next video to see how it adds up.

So wait a second – what's the difference?

If you've seen both videos above, you'll know good and well that the specifications don't matter. Simplicity is what matters.

Today's presentation by Huawei showed the following slide.

Here we see Huawei going directly for a pressure point in Apple's presentation of their newest device. It was an oddity in Apple's legacy of iPhones being as sleek and seamless as possible – how strange it was, when it was first presented – to see such a bump.

And now Huawei is aiming directly for it.

Apple's device has a bump – Samsung's Galaxy S6 has a bump – Huawei's device has no bump.

Simple, smart.

Now if only they'd make a video spot with the same information presented with nothing but the phones on a white background, Huawei would be ready to roll.

Otherwise this is just a battle that isn't going anywhere.