Huawei P50 Pro camera details revealed via a teaser video

Huawei has a new smartphone expected to launch later this month, on July 29. The smartphone is expected to be the Huawei P50 Pro, and recently a teaser video was published that has given up some details on the cameras the smartphone will feature. Eagle-eyed viewers of the teaser video were able to zoom in to read some of the text next to the camera lenses.

While it's very hard to see, the text next to the camera arrays reads "VARIO-SUMMILUX-H1:1.8-3.4/18-125ASPH." It's worth noting the focal lengths and apertures do match those featured on the P40 Pro and Mate 40 Pro. Digging into the numbers a little deeper indicates that the telephoto lens will offer 5x zoom.

The ultra-wide-angle lens will be 18mm equivalent. One aspect that remains a mystery is the sensors being used for the cameras. The official launch for the P50 Pro is expected next week. All of the details on the camera and other aspects of the phone should be revealed then.

Many flagship smartphones are so similar one of the only ways they can set themselves apart is in their camera offerings. Camera quality is one of the major features that woo buyers to one brand or another. In past leaks, other details of the P50 Pro have surfaced.

In March, renderings of the device leaked showing a design that some people weren't happy with. Particularly noted in the leaked renders was the style of the camera array, which many would say isn't very attractive, featuring an egg-shaped design. The leaks did suggest the P50 Pro would do away with the dual front-facing cameras seen on past Pro model devices in favor of a single hole-punch camera in the center of the 6.6-inch screen.