Huawei P50 leaks look incredibly strange

Today we're taking a peek at some leaked images of the device called Huawei P50. This device is a smartphone with a rather sizable backside camera array, arranged in a way that might throw you for a loop. There, in the space of a circle-cornered rectangle, you'll find five lenses – four in a row, as well as a smaller lens to the right, above which is an LED flash and a dual-LED flash. Below that is another set of sensors – as if there weren't already enough.

In the SlashLeaks leak today we see a smartphone with a FOMO problem. On the front is a blank display – so we can't see much – but we DO see a single punch-hole display with room for a single front-facing camera. This front has curved edges all around, including in the rather smooth corners.

On the back is a bit of LEICA branding – which tracks, given we're looking at a Huawei smartphone. There you'll find a few other details about the main lens included with the camera array, as well as a phrase. Huawei appears to have included the "LET IT GO" engraving at the back of the device too. This is similar to what we saw with the codenames for the Huawei P40 series – the same phrase appeared on early versions of that device, too.

Of course, given the re-appearance of the "LET IT GO" bit here might mean that the entire device is a forgery. Imagine how easy it'd be to copy-paste each element at the back of this device, making the longest camera array ever made for a phone.

This isn't the first time we've seen this design – but it could be a person attempting to replicate the rendering they saw earlier last month – we can't yet be sure!

In any case, there'll likely be a Huawei P50 smartphone in at least one iteration released early this year, 2021. The price and release schedule has not yet been revealed to the public. It's likely that this device will feature Huawei's own Android-based operating system rather than a Google certified Android.