Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth tablet revealed with Q3 launch

Huawei has announced a new 7-inch tablet that will be rolling out later this year, the MediaPad 7 Youth. The slate is a modest offering, with Huawei detailing the general specifications around a marketing push that targets the younger generation. There's no specific launch date for the device yet, with the maker only specifying "Q3 2013."

The MediaPad 7 Youth, as its name suggests, features a 7-inch display with support for 10-point touch. Unfortunately, Huawei didn't break out more details about the display, such as what kind of resolution we can expect, nor what kind of panel is used. They do, however, say that it allows for "vivid" 1080p full HD video playback.

Inside, the MediaPad 7 Youth has a 28nm dual-core 1.6GHz processor and a "powerful GPU," neither of which were detailed further. Connectivity includes HSPA+ 21Mbps and 802.11 wifi. The Li-Polymer battery has a capacity of 4100 mAh that is said to provide a standby time of nearly two weeks. The software is Android 4.1.

As far as the slate itself goes, Huawei says it measures in at 9mm thick, and weighs 350 grams, with a body being constructed of unibody aluminum. The tablet's price is still unknown, but it'll be launched in Asia Pacific, Russia, China, Europe, and the Middle East in the next couple months.

Said Huawei's Vice President of its Home Connected Device Product Line Wang Yinfeng, "The MediaPad 7 Youth is a versatile tablet that provides an unsurpassed experience across hardware and software. Ideal for young people who are always on the move, the MediaPad 7 Youth delivers on Huawei's promise to make extraordinary technology experiences accessible for all."