Huawei launches Honor beta program in US

Huawei's fans in the US might like to know that the company has launched a new Honor beta program. Revealed today, this beta will center around both hardware and software, and consumers in the US is invited to sign up. Unfortunately, details about what we can specifically expect are still sparse.

Even though Huawei hasn't made any announcements about what it wants US consumers to test, this is definitely an opportunity to get your hands on some pre-release hardware. Beyond that, Huawei also seems to be looking for feedback about its current products. In the end, Huawei says that this beta "is about exploring the smartphone experience you want."

If you're interested in submitting your interest, you need only fill out this form. The form is fairly straightforward, asking for your contact information and both why you'd like to be in the beta and why you think you'd make a good candidate. Keep in mind that merely submitting this won't guarantee that you'll get into the beta program.

READ MORE: Honor 8 Pro ReviewInstead, Huawei will select a small number of people and follow up with them at a later date. There's no word on when you can expect to be notified or how many people Huawei is looking to include. However, it seems pretty safe to assume that Huawei is looking to keep this club of beta users rather exclusive.

With reviews of the Honor 8 Pro going up around the internet today, it's quite possible that Huawei is looking toward the future and what's next for the Honor brand. Perhaps those who get into the beta will be able to spend some hands-on time with the Honor 9 eventually? Time will tell, but the only way to find out is to sign up for the beta and hope to get in.

SOURCE: Huawei