Huawei gets weird and dangerous for auto AI at MWC

The folks at Huawei have either lost their minds or are on to something pretty fantastic. They've gone and given one of their smartphones the keys to a vehicle. This smartphone's processor needed to be able to use the device's camera to see obstacles in front of it to know when to turn to avoid said obstacles. If the smartphone failed, the dog would be destroyed.

On the positive side, the dog was never in any real harm. To be extra clear about this, Huawei included the line "no dogs were harmed during the making of this video." But before that, there's a little tension. Be it comedic tension or high-stakes stress tension, that's entirely up to you.

Also included with the video is the following warning text. "Images were recorded by professionals in closed circuit and under due surveillance to prevent any animal or personal harm," wrote Huawei in a statement. "This video has been created for exclusive marketing purposes to demonstrate the potential ability of artificial intelligence included on Huawei devices, this feature is not commercially available on any Huawei device."

Huawei also made certain to suggest that users of Huawei device not use their phone to drive their car. While the situation and setup in the video is technically possible, it'd be entirely irresponsible and an insane-level consideration to even begin making. "This video shall not be understood to encourage people to mistreat others or animals nor to use Huawei devices in cars as a driverless tool"

And no, there will not be an app that allows your Huawei Mate 10 to drive your car. Not one Huawei makes, anyway. Anything you do from this point on is entirely your own responsibility. Don't come back here complaining about how you've accidentally run over an entire family of weasels with your Huawei-driven motorcycle. That's all on you, weasel killer.