HTC’s latest Bluetooth headset shows up at FCC

Chris Davies - Jun 30, 2007

Lets you think HTC are single-mindedly pursuing the Windows Mobile smartphone market, prepare to be amazed at their latest diversion… a Bluetooth headset! Okay, so it’s tricky to get too excited about a hands-free earpiece, but at least the BH M200 is vaguely attractive in a slippery, shiny way.

HTC BH M200 lanyard

Just 15g and capable of 8hrs talk/360hrs standby thanks to the Lithium Polymer battery (which recharges in 2hrs), it’s Bluetooth 2.0 compatible and is even pictured (in these FCC-sourced images) with a lanyard for those who aren’t quite geeky enough to wear the M200 all the time but still want to show off their flashing blue light.

FCC [via Engadget]

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