HTC X9500 Shift available for preorder in Europe

HTC's headline-grabbing Shift ultra-portable – which dual-boots into both Vista and Windows Mobile 6 – has appeared for pre-order on a variety of websites in Europe.  So far the UK and Germany have the bulk of the information, with claiming delivery on 29th November for German customers while quote the 20th November for those in the UK. 


So far it appears that HTC will ship the X9500 Shift with the 20W battery and with the Microsoft Origami Experience pack pre-loaded.  MRSP is €1200, but the usual discounts are being shown on top of that.

While many are still eager to get their hands on the compact device, there has recently been doubt cast by reviews of pre-production samples that claim HTC have made inexplicable compromises on the WM6 side, including limiting connectivity to HSDPA and leaving the screen with ugly black sidebars through not taking advantage of the hardware and software's support for VGA resolution.

HTC X9500 enters EU distribution channels [UMPCPortal]