HTC VIVE Flow price, release date, specs in full

The HTC VIVE Flow is a VR headset made to take the virtual reality headset universe in a whole new direction. This device is meant to be carried around with the user during the day, and worn by the user anywhere they like – so long as they're sitting still or standing in an area free from danger.

The HTC Vive Flow requires a separate power source – connected by USB cord not unlike previously released wireless kits for HTC Vive products. The device will most likely most often be powered by an HTC rechargeable battery pack. Batteries can be switched without interrupting up time via a "built-in uninterruptible power supply system" that stores 5 minutes of power as you swap.

This device is meant to be paired with an Android smartphone. You'll connect to the Vive Sync app and explore VR and AR environments with Viveport Infinity. Below you'll see an outline of what this headset is meant to deliver.

Next you'll see a HTC Vive FLow presentation video with a LOT more depth. Here you'll see games, experiences, and a BUNCH of use-case scenarios.

The HTC VIVE Flow works with 2x 2.1-inch LCD displays with 1600 x 1600 pixels per eye. This headset has an "up to 100 degree" field of view with 75Hz image refresh rate. The headset alone weighs in at 189g – and the included power cable adds another 50g. The base model has 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.

This device requires connectivity with an Android P (or above) smartphone. The headset has a replaceable face gasket and temple pads, and features an active cooling system (with a fan inside) for "stable performance and increased user comfort." This headset has stereo speakers with spatial audio support and dual microphones "with echo and noise cancellation."

Each lens has adjustable diopter dials for focus adjustments. Connected Android smartphone can be used as a controller (there are no other controllers), and tracking is provided with 2x cameras (for inside-out headset 6DoF tracking).

The first pre-order system at Vive (dot com) has a price of approximately $499 USD for the headset. If one pre-orders before October 31, 2021, the package will include "selected content (7 items)", Viveport Infinity (2 month subscription), and a VIVE Flow Case. This pre-order package is "while supplies last".