HTC Touch HD 2 Shuns Windows Mobile and Embraces Android

The Touch HD released last year, and while it held its own within its fifteen minutes of fame, like many other HTC/Windows Mobile devices out there, it quickly faded into the throes of the past. Well, it's time for HTC to release a sequel, and yes, you can guess what it's called: the Touch HD 2. But we're not getting a simple rehash this time around, or even an upgraded Windows Mobile 6.5. No, we get to see more Android.

While the transition from Widows Mobile to Android isn't that shocking, considering the love that HTC has shown for the evolving OS, but considering that their Windows Mobile roots go well deeper than anyone can see, we're shocked to learn that Windows Mobile 6.5 won't be on the updated Touch HD. A source told Register Hardware that the new Touch HD will be significantly faster than its predecessor, and actually faster than the majority of HTC handsets on the market right now.

Currently, the basic standard for HTC devices is a 528MHz Qualcomm processor, but the mole went on to say that the Touch HD will upgrade to a 628MHz Qualcomm chip. The Touch HD 2 will also feature a massive 3.8-inch touchscreen (no word on resistive or capacitive, but it is Android, so hopefully capacitive). There wasn't any information revealed about future availability or pricing, but we're sure that won't be too far off now.

[via Register Hardware]