HTC Titan - but is it time to change the design?

Forgive me, for I know it's blasphemy, but does anyone else think that many of the slide-out-keyboard cellphone designs stink?  Oh yes, I'm sure they're reasonable in ergonomic terms (if you ignore the potential for finger-trashing after a few days full of hunt'n'peck), but to actually look at they're chubby and generally bland.  It could just be me that feels that way, however, in which case I'll likely be the only one not to be all that bothered by photos of HTC's Titan handheld leaking out.

When the biggest physical differences are a relocated scroll-wheel, repositioned keyboard LEDs and rubbery backing, I'm afraid I'll be destined to be underwhelmed.  Still, Rev. A-upgradeable EV-DO, 256MB of internal storage, Bluetooth 2.0 and a 2-megapixel camera aren't bad. 

HTC Titan in the wild [Engadget Mobile]