HTC teams with iFixit to make repairing VIVE VR headsets easier

HTC VIVE has announced that it is teaming up with iFixit to make replacement components for its VR headsets available to consumers. Many may be familiar with iFixit. It's a place that buys new gadgets and then rips them apart to make guides on repairing devices should they need repairs in the future. HTC VIVE has announced that iFixit will offer official VR system parts and accessories to allow customers to extend the life of their devices once the warranty expires.

VIVE says the availability of replacement parts will save time and costs associated with hardware repairs and help eliminate downtime for users. HTC said that it has heard from customers who love their original VIVE headsets and are still using them years after launch, but those users complain they occasionally need parts. The new partnership with iFixit is intended to meet the demands of long-time customers that want to repair and continue using their headsets when HTC no longer offers parts directly.

HTC teaming up with iFixit is a big deal as typically major electronics manufacturers don't want iFixit to show repair guides or offer replacement components for their devices. iFixit says that it is "thrilled" to be able to help gamers fix their hardware, allowing them to continue enjoying cyberspace and virtual reality.

Customers in North America will be able to order specific replacement parts for the VIVE CE, VIVE Pro, VIVE Wireless Adapter, VIVE Tracker, and other peripherals like wall mounts and cables. HTC also notes that iFixit will offer repair guides for the headsets and original VIVE controllers. The complete list of available parts doesn't appear to include any microchips but has a number of screws, straps, and available cables. The full list of parts can be seen here.