HTC SLCD Desire gets AMOLED, Super AMOLED & LCD comparison [Video]

Chris Davies - Jul 27, 2010, 3:53am CDT
HTC SLCD Desire gets AMOLED, Super AMOLED & LCD comparison [Video]

HTC’s confirmation yesterday that going forward they would be using both AMOLED and Super LCD (SLCD) displays for their smartphones so as to ease supply pressures has led to no small amount of confusion.  Over at HowardForums they’ve managed to get a hold of an upcoming TELUS HTC Desire using the SLCD panel, and compare it to an AMOLED Nexus One, a Motorola Milestone with a regular LCD, and a Samsung Wave with a Super AMOLED display.

Video comparison after the cut

To Howard’s eyes, response times were pretty consistent across the board, but the SLCD and AMOLED screens offered more significant differences in viewing angles and other details.  Super LCD showed better horizontal viewing angles, while AMOLED had better vertical viewing angles; in comparison Super AMOLED bested both, as well as having the best contrast.

Both AMOLED and SLCD were reportedly “very reflective”, but all beat the Motorola’s LCD screen (which is admittedly still a good example of a regular LCD panel).  We’re withholding judgement until we can have an eyes-on play with an SLCD-based HTC device ourselves, but it seems HTC CEO Peter Chou’s comments that SLCD offers “a comparable visual experience” to AMOLED may not be so unbelievable.


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