HTC Shift resurrected with OS X: who needs a 7-inch iPad?

It's fair to say we've waited quite a while since the last HTC Shift mod; the dual-mode Windows Vista/PDA ultraportable tablet was last seen flirting with Windows 7 before its quiet demise.  Now some of the guys over at xda-developers are hoping to resurrect its usefulness with an injection of Mac OS X.

They've figured out how to get the Apple OS running on the 800MHz Atom A110 processor (paired, here, with 1GB of RAM and either a 40GB or 60GB hard-drive), though there are still some hiccups.  Neither WiFi or the fingerprint scanner are currently working, and you can't expect Snow Leopard either: so far only 10.5.6 is up and running, thanks to some driver issues.  Still, it's a new lease of life for the 7-inch tablet, and neatly in advance of Apple's own rumored attempt.

[via CrunchGear]