HTC September 1 Facebook event to be all Mango?

If you recall last week I mentioned that HTC had put up a Facebook invite to get users to come over to an event it was holding in London. At the time, I speculated that likely meant some new devices would be shown off at the event. BGR has been told by a source that new products are exactly what HTC will be showing off.

According to the source, the event will be strictly to show off the Windows Phone Mango running HTC Eternity and Omega smartphones. According to the rumor, the Eternity will be a Mango smartphone with a 3.7-inch screen that will land at AT&T. The Omega will be a larger screen smartphone for T-Mobile USA.

That Omega is said to have a 4.5-inch screen. The thing that throws me a little here is why would devices destined for the US be shown off first in London. It would be a safe bet that the smartphones will hit UK carriers as well. Perhaps more details on launch date and pricing along with carrier info will land at the event.

[via BGR]