HTC Sense already hacked for Nexus One

When we wrote on Saturday that one of the more obvious differences between the HTC Desire and the Google Nexus One would be rapidly addressed by the Android home-brew crowd, we perhaps didn't expect a custom Nexus One ROM with HTC Sense and Flash 10.1 support to come so soon.  Still, if you're at the bleeding edge and you simply can't wait until the Desire's April 2010 release date to get your hands on the new version of Sense, Modaco are offering an alpha-build ROM for the Nexus One.

As with any alpha-level software, there are some compromises to be made in return for speed of deployment.  Hardware incompatibilities are, unsurprisingly, few, with even the Nexus One's noise cancellation system working as usual; however, the 5-megapixel camera is apparently locked at 3-megapixels, and the Desire's 720p HD video recording hasn't crossed over either.  You'll need to root your Nexus One in order to install it, and the usual caveats about potentially bricking your expensive smartphone go along with that.

[via Android Community and via Redmond Pie]