HTC Sensation Benchmarks with SunSpider and Quadrant

Chris Burns - Apr 12, 2011, 9:54am CDT
HTC Sensation Benchmarks with SunSpider and Quadrant

We’ve got quite a nice little look at the HTC Sensation, (previously known as the HTC Pyramid) and what do you know? We even have some benchmarks! These are all courtesy of our good fellow Chris Davies who is, in fact, over in England where the bigtime HTC event has taken place. What we’ve got here is both Quadrant and SunSpider, giving us a generally decent look at both the CPU and the browsing capabilities of the unit.

What the Quadrant benchmarking system does is test the CPU, the I/O, and the 3D graphics capabilities of the phone it’s being used to test. Whenever we pick up a device, we’ve basically got Quadrant downloading before we open much of anything else. We do this in order to get a generally fair look at all devices as they sit in their most basic state. This test was done on a pre-release edition of the phone at the HTC event in England.

To see further benchmarks we’ve done, search for either SunSpider or Quadrant in your search box to your upper right.

This second test, the one that goes by the name SunSpider, and if you’ve been following our benchmarks over the past few months, you know this runs inside a given web browser. This test tests the core JavaScript language of the browser it’s running inside, here testing the HTC Sensation’s stock browser.

Update: We’ve spoken to HTC, and they’ve confirmed that the firmware is definitely not “near final” and that their software engineers are busy working on readying the eventual builds for the mid-May release. There are also some questions over how well both of these tests measure the performance of dual-core devices, and HTC is looking into that for us.


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