HTC sales target cut for Q2

It appears that the HTC One series is doing well, but not quite as well as HTC had hoped when they first launched it as HTC Corp cut its second-quarter revenue target by just a bit here in the first half of 2012. Cutting their second-quarter revenue down by 13.3 percent this Wednesday, HTC is noting that it's not least of all because of slow sales in Europe. USA sales of the HTC One line appear to be doing quite well, on the other hand.

This news comes with words from chief financial officer Chia-Lin Chang who noted that "a bigger softness is from Europe than the U.S.", this allowing investors to understand that it's their international launch, not their launch in the states, where the HTC One line has not met demands. Opinions abound that the Apple ban on the HTC EVO 4G LTE and HTC One X earlier this year had a bit to do with slow sales, though now it appears HTC is keeping up.

HTC's second-quarter revenue target is now T$91 billion ($3.03 billion) down from T$105 billion, this compared to last quarter's actual revenue at T$67.79 showing the actual growth of HTC after last year's lest-than-awesome sales on the whole. Chang continued, saying "sales in China are better than we thought; we expect China will contribute a representative percentage to the revenue this quarter. Given all the things happening in the second quarter here, we certainly hope we can get the right guidance and have a more smooth transition going forward."

Keep up with HTC's big Android push in the timeline below and stay tuned as the HTC One series continues to blow up!

[via Rueters]