HTC Q413 brings Beats-based gain, smaller operating loss

Chris Burns - Jan 5, 2014
HTC Q413 brings Beats-based gain, smaller operating loss

This week we’re having a peek at a bit of mixed news from HTC, with their final quarter of 2013 being wrapped up with both a gain and a loss. Speaking from an operating loss perspective, the group lost NT$1.56 billion – that’s $52 million in USD. This is a relatively healthy cutback, so to speak, from the operating loss in Q3 2013 when HTC spoke up about a drop of NT$2.97 billion – that’s $101 million USD.

On a more positive note, HTC reported that the selling of their remaining shares of Beats this season allowed them a cool net profit of NT$310 million – aka $10.3 million USD gained this quarter. The company also saw a quarter in which they’ve released the HTC One Max, the significantly larger relative of their hero phone for the year, the original HTC One.

This marks the end of a rather exciting year for the company after they’d moved in a rather pointed way toward a real hero smartphone strategy. Calling the device “One”, to be extra clear about it, HTC made it clear that they were going to put the most massive bit of their efforts into a single handset that’d aim to rule them all. Given social networking feedback in customer satisfaction and the ample amount of positive reviews the handset received, they’d done all but make sales of the device.

While this quarter’s reported earnings certainly aren’t the major turnaround the company was hoping for, things do appear to be looking up for the company. If this trend continues, HTC will be shooting for a positive set of wins through 2014 with the release of their next wave of handsets. Have a peek at the latest rumor mill gush on this code-named “HTC One 2” right this minute!


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