HTC President of Smartphones quits, aims for AI

Smartphone company HTC's President of the Smartphone and Connected Devices Business, Chialin Chang, has resigned from his position. This position has not yet been filled by the company as of the first publishing of this article. But what's this all mean for you, the end user? Not one whole heck of a lot in the short term.

In the long term, you'll find that HTC moves in one of two directions. One is going out of business – they won't do this. They've been acquired by Google and they're most certainly going to be around in one form or another for some time to come. The other option is a move toward smartphones that set the company aside in a much more obvious way.

Over the past few years, HTC's gone from a major player in the smartphone business in the USA and abroad, to a relatively small operation. They're still on our minds as tech news writers and readers, but they're not commanding store shelves by any means. In the near future, we'll expect a more Google-ified approach to their hardware business.

NOTE: Back in 2012, Chang joined HTC as CFO. Before that, he worked at Motorola. After HTC, rumors suggest he'll set up his own company in Taiwan dedicated to artificial intelligence. This guy also worked at Goldman Sachs in the past – so it's clear he's able to move about from position to position with relative ease.

HTC confirmed to SlashGear that Chang has, indeed, resigned from his position as President of the Smartphone and Connected Devices Business at HTC. HTC continued, "We thank him for his dedication to the Company for the last six years and wish him well in his future endeavors."

For more information on HTC's current status with Google, head down into the timeline below. This is a very strange time for the company. A very strange time indeed.