HTC PB92300 hits FCC: new video calling Aria?

Chris Davies - Nov 24, 2010
HTC PB92300 hits FCC: new video calling Aria?

A new HTC smartphone, the HTC PB92300, has cleared the FCC complete with front and rear facing cameras. Details on the new device are unknown, thanks to HTC’s confidentiality request locking down most of the test reports until May 15 2011, but the handset does have WiFi and Bluetooth, along with GSM/EDGE support for the 850 and 1900 bands. Interestingly, the distinctive cut-outs on the FCC label seem to match up with those on the HTC Aria (PB92110).

That handset has been discontinued now, but we do know that HTC is bringing out a European spec version, the HTC Gratia, at some point this month. However, that phone was not expected to have a front-facing camera for video calls (just as the Aria lacked a second camera), and we can’t figure a reason why HTC might want to keep its details secret until Q2 2011.

The alternative is a new version of the Aria, complete with support for video calls. We’re discounting Windows Phone 7 at this point, since that OS lacks support for video calls right now.

[via Wireless Goodness and via Android Community; Aria image via Mojeng]

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