HTC out in the open with Esports

Chris Burns - Feb 20, 2015, 1:45pm CST
HTC out in the open with Esports

Back a few weeks ago, HTC launched (publicly) their HTC Esports initiative. They’re sponsoring Esports teams now, and they’re being fairly open about it. Not that it was a secret, but given their relative lack of hard-and-fast connections (hardware) to the gaming universe, it’s not immediately apparent why HTC would be doing such a thing. Today, HTC released a video by the by the name of “Rebirth: What Is Esports.” Sounds like a bit of a play on the name of the camera HTC Re, doesn’t it?

This one bit is part of a documentary series called Rebirth. It’ll be a behind-the-scenes look at Team Liquid, one of the top 10 US-based teams playing DoTA today. This series will show Liquid take on the competition throughout their active season, piece by piece.

At this time, HTC has only produced this one episode for release. The rest will come over the next several weeks.

Meanwhile the HTC One M9 – or whatever it ends up bing called – will be revealed in 9 days. That’ll be during Mobile World Congress 2015, and we’ll be there covering the event up close and personal.

Have a peek at the HTC timeline below to see if you can put the puzzle pieces together. Today and through the future – HTC, Esports, HTC One M9 – do they connect?

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