HTC One X caught in the wild

Michael Crider - Mar 29, 2012
HTC One X caught in the wild

We’re just a few days out from the debut of HTC’s brand-spanking new One family, but it looks like the folks at HTCHub got a look at the leader of the line early. The HTC One X gets its full reveal courtesy of some French gentlemen, who also managed to find the smaller and sleeker HTC One S for some comparison shots. In China and parts of Europe the phone will be available for unlocked purchase on Monday, April 2nd. The HSPA+ version of the phone will cost a cool 599 Euros – about $800 US Dollars.

It’s a tempting device even at that price. The One X will be the first smartphone available that uses NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 architecture, to say nothing of its 4.7-inch 720p screen. Combine that with 1GB of RAM and you’ve got an impressive platform for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, sprinkle4 with version 4 of HTC’s custom Sense UI. Other goodies include 32GB of on-board storage, an anodized aluminum casing and HTC’s custom 8-megapixel f/2.0  rear camera.

Check out the packaging and extra goodies below:

HTC’s going for the premium look with their retail design, not that they hadn’t before. You can expect the One S and probably the One V as well to follow suit. It looks like HTC is following Apple and Nokia in their completely encapsulated designs, requiring a small metal key to access the SIM card. You also get some color-matched headphones (sadly, not Beats in this package) and the standard wall-wart and USB cable. Drink it in, Americans – it’ll likely be at least a month before AT&T gets its LTE version of the HTC One X out, and possibly longer.

[via Android Community]

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