HTC One S micro-arc oxidation process eyes-on

At CTIA 2012 we got the opportunity to take a peek at the process the HTC One S smartphone goes through before it has any technological wonders inserted inside – electricity on metal, metal stamping beforehand. What you're going to see here are several shots of the metal that makes up the HTC One S in all its glory, starting with a big gob of metal and moving on through the cutting process and down over to the final product of the electricity itself. Have a peek of what makes the HTC One S so scratch resistant, step by step.

HTC has integrated what you see here in the HTC One S smartphone specifically, touting this as one of their hero phone lineup's greatest features in that you no longer need a case to keep your smartphone damage-free. Speaking from experience, this process of cutting the metal with such precision then applying the electricity process they've got to it takes away the majority of the damage the device would then receive in your everyday life – aside from a couple of dings on the top of the One S I carry around daily today, this smartphone is blemish-free.

The HTC One S is thus far the only HTC device to go through this process, and it is also indeed the only smartphone in the world to go through this process as well. See photos of each step here and check out the video tour we've got above as well. Also be sure to check the rest of our CTIA 2012 coverage as well as the rest of our HTC One series hands-on and reviews below!