HTC One A9 preorders pushed back days or weeks

It would appear that several variants of the HTC One A9 will be shipping far later than was originally expected. While HTC's website had all four colors of the HTC One A9 up for pre-order, now the Gold and Red versions are kicked back to a "Coming Soon" status. The Verizon version – which wasn't up for pre-order in the first place – has been pushed to December availability – then quickly to "as soon as possible". The Verizon version is currently undergoing "extensive testing and certification."

The shortest delay will be for both of the grey versions of the device – both will be arriving on the 10th instead of earlier this week, depending on when the device was meant to be shipped, based on the user's chosen shipping method.

The longest delay will be for the Verizon version – which is a bummer, but OK due to the lack of pre-orders taken for the device in the first place.

Users that pre-ordered the gold version of the device will be finding their ship date sitting nearer the end of November. Users that ordered the red version will be getting their devices in early December.

Orders for the Sprint version of any color of the device, which also costs hundreds of dollars more than any other carrier for some reason will be delayed at least until mid-December.

As mentioned by Android Police, all of this information can be found on HTC's pre-order site which NOW contains data about shipment dates. This information was not supplied (at least not supplied out in the open) when the pre-order page was first opened up.