HTC Magic unboxed on video

The first HTC Magic handsets are finding their way into the hands of excitable Germany early-adopters this week, after Vodafone surprised us all by launching the Android smartphone there ahead of their much-publicized UK release.  SlashGear's friend Sascha is one of the first to get their hands on the commercial release, and he's shot an unboxing video to sate our needs for vicarious gadget fulfillment.Video unboxing after the cut

In with the HTC Magic itself there's an imitation leather slip-case – which is described as "feeling a bit cheap" – together with the usual USB cable, power adapter and wired stereo headset.  Like many other HTC smartphones, the Magic lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack, and we're disappointed to see that the company hasn't thrown an adapter dongle into the box; budget from around $6 for a suitable converter.

German buyers can pick up the HTC Magic from between €19 and €199 ($25 to $262), depending on which monthly tariff they sign up to.  There's a mandatory €12 ($16) unlimited data plan, too; more details here.

[via Android Community]