HTC M7 tipped to use "Ultrapixel" camera sensor

As we await the final reveal of the HTC M7 smartphone it's been tipped that the device will be the first in a line of devices from the company to use the term "Ultrapixels" instead of megapixels. This rebranding of the camera technology used in smartphones will signify a new way in which HTC is working with sensors, here using three 4.3-megapixel sensors instead of one single 13 megapixel sensor. This rebranding will make certain consumers won't mistake what at first seems to be a 4-megapixel camera for something less than it actually is – a new generation in smart device camera technology.

This tip comes from Pocket Lint where they say they've confirmed the fact that Ultrapixels will be the way of the future for HTC. Where last year the company pushed their next-generation HTC ImageSense chip as a hero feature for their HTC One smartphone lineup, this year it'll be all about Ultrapixels.

The HTC M7 has been suggested to be coming with three 4.3-megapixel sensor layers one on top of the other, this combined to create an end image thats clearer than any photo at that size has ever been before. The resulting images won't be 13 megapixels large (wide and tall), but will be a next-generation solution with three sets of data representing a single pixel. Each bit of data will be intelligently "combined" together to grab a final image that's both extremely accurate and sharp.

This system will go into direct competition with the technology Nokia uses in their PureView-toting smartphones as well as the top smartphone camera sensors in the market. While we've seen some impressive results from each of the top contenders over the past few months, it's still appeared to be mainly up to taste when it comes to final results. HTC may be changing the game with literally sharper and more color-corrected end results – here's hoping!