HTC M7 front and rear housing show up in new video

Eric Abent - Jan 28, 2013, 8:38am CST
HTC M7 front and rear housing show up in new video

There’s been no shortage of HTC M7 rumors, and today ETrade Supply is fueling the fire by showing off a couple of supposed M7 parts in a new video. ETrade Supply has reportedly gotten its hands on the rear and middle housing of the M7, comparing the rear housing to various HTC phones to give us a better idea of the size and overall look of the rumored handset. Do these parts definitely belong to the M7? That’s impossible to say, but the idea that the device’s rear and middle housing are floating around out there certainly is exciting.

In the video, our host compares the rear housing of the M7 to the rear housing of the HTC One X. There are quite a few differences between the two – the M7’s housing is thinner, for starters, and it also lacks the curved design of the One X. There aren’t many similarities to be found, which is somewhat strange considering the M7 is rumored to be the successor to the One series.

By comparing it to the DROID DNA, however, we see many more similarities. Though the DNA’s rear case is slightly taller than this reported M7 housing, they’re both very close in terms of thickness. The M7 lacks the DNA’s metallic buttons and waterproofing, but ETrade Supply points out that it does apparently have a camera button on the side of the device – good for people who like to use their phone as their main camera.

The middle housing we see in the video seems to suggest that the screen will indeed be 4.7-inches in size, just like the rumors claim. The two parts fit together nicely, which backs up the idea that they’re from the same device. There’s more to see in the video, so go ahead and give it a watch to catch a glimpse of some supposed M7 parts. The hope is that won’t be much longer before HTC announces the M7, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a MWC 2013 reveal. Stay tuned.

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