HTC Inspire 4G To Finally Get Real AT&T 4G Access After FCC Filing

We reported last month about the HTC Inspire 4G controversy, where AT&T claimed the device did not support HSUPA while users believed the device's HSUPA was intentionally disabled. The fog never did clear up on the matter except that AT&T backtracked later with news that some of their 4G devices would soon get an update to enable HSUPA. Today, the surfacing of an FCC filing document confirms such an update for the HTC Inspire 4G.

The FCC Class II Permissive Change filing document is dated March 8, but Test Reports from the FCC were not sent back to HTC until March 23, which may partially explain the long delay of getting the HTC Inspire 4G up to speed. The filing approves HSUPA and HSUPA+ connections for the device.

HTC Inspire 4G users can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that an update is on its way that should uncap data speeds for the device to enjoy its true 4G potential. However, when exactly this software update may be released is still uncertain.

[via Android Community]