HTC HD2 Windows Phone 7 install gets video demo

Very few details on this one, but a video apparently showing Windows Phone 7 booting on the HTC HD2 has emerged from arch hacker Cotulla.  Denied an official release because it didn't meet Microsoft's standards for WP7 devices – such as having the three front-panel buttons and a minimum of 8GB internal storage – the HD2 had shown more promise as an Android device than it had with the updated version of its original Windows Mobile OS.Cotulla says that the video shows the latest results from the the DFT Team of ROM fondlers, and that there'll be more information at a later stage.  Of course, we don't actually see the phone being used, so it's possible that it's still missing various drivers.  He also asks people to refrain from asking about release dates, which is going to be hard to do since we'd love to see the HD2 running the much-improved Windows Phone 7.

[via PocketNow]