Android 2.2 Froyo for HTC HD2 is ready for mainstream [Video]

Since Microsoft and HTC basically confirmed that they were abandoning the HD2 in the move to Windows Phone 7, the developer community has instead turned their attention to getting a solid Android build on the 4.3-inch smartphone.  Last we saw, Froyo was working on the HD2 but with some conspicuous issues; now, a new ROM promises an almost 100-percent functional experience, suitable for daily use.Video demo after the cut

That includes 3G, Bluetooth (HID profile aside), WiFi and GPS, along with the camera (plus flash) and all the other basic functionality.  It's been paired with a custom UI that stands pretty distinct not only from the HD2's original theme but what HTC are doing in general with Sense; likely to be an acquired taste, perhaps, but with the underlying code now solid we can only assume others will come along and inject some different aesthetics. put together a video demo which shows not only the new, minimal UI but all the working functionality of the HD2 Froyo ROM, including turn-by-turn Google Maps Navigation.  For the first time this looks like something we'd actually trust to put on our HD2.

[via Android Community]