HTC HD2 SMS update: third time lucky?

Chris Davies - Jan 22, 2010

HTC don’t seem to be having much luck addressing the ongoing SMS problem some HD2 owners are experiencing.  After posting – and subsequently pulling – two firmware updates already, it’s now time for the third attempt.  HTC HD2 firmware v1.66.707.1 is, like the others, intended to deliver “fast and reliable SMS messaging”; whether it does, we’ll have to wait and see.

Some users have complained that SMS messages get stuck in the HD2’s outbox and refuse to send, and despite the company’s best efforts there are still owners unable to use text messaging reliably.  We didn’t experience any issues with our HD2 review unit, it has to be said, but this is obviously a frustrating situation for owners of HTC’s Windows Mobile flagship to be experiencing.  Let us know in the comments how the update goes for you.

[Thanks Ollie!]

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