HTC HD2 preview glowing: the Windows Phone to beat?

We're still anxiously rubbing our hands together in anticipation of our HTC HD2 review unit, but until that arrives we'll make do with previews elsewhere.  Mobile-Review have a well-warranted reputation for their smartphone nous, and so when they say the HD2 has no less communication skill than an iPhone and no less style than the original Touch Diamond, you know you're looking at an impressive Windows Phone.

The display gets major kudos too, with its bright 4.3-inches prompting them to suggest HTC are ahead of everybody else when it comes to screen selection.  Meanwhile they're impressed by the updated UI, though there's some confusion about what is TouchFLO 3D and what is HTC Sense; our understanding is that the latter is an ethos more than a UI as such, hence the fact that the HD2's interface doesn't look exactly like that of the HTC Hero.

There are still some points of concern, of course; Mobile-Review aren't impressed by the HD2's 5-megapixel camera, which they describe as producing some "very bad" shots, and they're not impressed by the absence of a dedicated power button.  Still, the former might be tweaked with the final firmware, which HTC have told us they're still waiting for.  Hungry for more HD2 goodness?  Check out our hands-on video below:

[vms d13df5083790d64c4d5d]

[Thanks Paul!]