HTC HD2 Android hack work-in-progress [Video]

Love the HTC HD2 hardware but hate Windows Mobile?  A full port of Android for the smartphone isn't quite ready yet, but the gang over at xda-developers are certainly one step closer to it.  They've managed to get Linux to boot on the smartphone, and to load – and play – a 720p HD video from the command line.  Currently they're not having much luck with a GUI, but the hack paves the way for a full install of Android on the 4.3-inch Snapdragon-based device.

Standing in the way is the not-so-small matter of drivers, which will be required for everything from the phone functionality through camera, GPS, Bluetooth, graphics and more.  Still, considering the only 4.3-inch Android device on the horizon is the HTC EVO 4G, and that will come with a significant surcharge given its WiMAX connectivity, we reckon there'll be quite a few HD2 owners keen to dual-boot between Windows Mobile and Android.

[via Android Community]