HTC HD2 (aka Leo) launch details leak; no multitouch in browser

What looks set to be HTC's new flagship, the HTC HD2 – aka the HTC Leo – seems even closer to release, at least according to a slide dropped into Pocketnow's inbox.  The slide, in Dutch, suggests that the Leo will indeed be branded the HTC HD2, while their tipster confirms that it will arrive in the Netherlands at the end of October.

Pricing for the HD2 is said to be €550-600 ($805-878), which we're presuming is a SIM-free, unlocked figure.  That given, the HD2 is likely to be subsidized on a carrier contract.  While the HD2 has previously been shown to have a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen supporting multitouch, the tipster also says that the multitouch won't work in Pocket Internet Explorer.

The HD2 is based on Qualcomm's 1GHz Snapdragon chipset, runs Windows Mobile 6.5, and has a WVGA resolution display.  Previous tips suggested that it might arrive in the UK, on carrier O2, on October 12th, shortly after Microsoft launch their new smartphone OS.

[via AllAboutPhones]