HTC Glass “leak” Busted

Chris Burns - Sep 19, 2014, 11:41 am CST
HTC Glass “leak” Busted

What in the world are we looking at this morning – an HTC headset akin to Google Glass? Absolutely not. This device isn’t necessarily going to make it past the drawing board, but tips from Portugal suggest we’re about to see one of HTC’s oddest devices yet.

According to the folks at 4Gnews, HTC has plans to create a smart headset that’s got an eyepiece on one side, a camera on the other. This device is also said to have the ability to read brainwaves, deciding when you’d like to send a command to the camera.

So instead of saying “OK Google, take a picture”, you’ll be thinking it. Those not especially comfortable with Google Glass on citizen heads probably won’t take kindly to the fact that this unit might not require a command at all. Of course Google Glass can also take a photo with a physical button press, but that’s beside the point.

Earlier this year we saw an HTC smartwatch concept that was quickly confirmed by HTC to be nothing more than a concept – not a final product int he works. We must assume that this headset is something very similar. The video you’re seeing above shows that watch – see if you can spot a headset while you’re at it.

Below you’ll see the image that 4Gnews is suggesting contains the new HTC headset in a lab. Look entirely legit to you?


Wait just a second. Is that really an HTC lab?


A quick Google Images search reveals that it’s not a lab made or owned by HTC at all. Instead, it’s a stock photo also appearing on a very strange website called Katz Critical Minds. So yeah, no. If HTC ever makes a headset, it probably won’t look like the malformation you see above.

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