HTC EVO 4G Touchstone hack adds wireless charging [Video]

We'll be the first to admit; heavy use of the HTC EVO 4G's WiMAX connectivity will see the battery gauge drop in short order, so anything that makes it easier to top up the juice has to be a good thing.  That's why YouTuber infinitemods' DIY hack to get the Sprint EVO 4G working with a Palm Touchstone inductive charger is so impressive: it allows for easy drop-and-charge powering of the smartphone, just as you'd get with the Pre Plus or Pixi Plus.Video demo after the cut

The inductive coil can be removed from a spare battery cover plate for the Pre, which costs $46.  That then has to be attached to the correct points on the EVO 4G's mainboard – not, it's worth noting, to the battery connections – with four magnets around the coil to hold the phone in place on the Touchstone itself.

The main drawbacks are that those magnets mess up the EVO 4G's digital compass, and that – without some case reshaping – the battery cover no longer closes exactly.  According to an interview with infinitemods, there's a tutorial as to how to hook up the inductive coil to the EVO 4G on its way.

[via Good and EVO]